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A new white paper on the new paradigm—linking strategy planning, strategy execution, and project management.
Why most strategies die—and how you can prevent it.

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Why strategy failure is increasing - and how it can be prevented

Imagine your car’s GPS providing you only information about the performance of your car and 500 meters’ visibility on your route; the rest of your trip is a black box. That is how many leaders run their organizations.

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While changes have resulted in improvements to organizational operations over the last 100 years, there is still a significant gap between companies’ strategic plans and the execution of them.

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Companies find it difficult to solve the strategic conflict: Run the Business versus Change the Business—the link between strategy planning, strategy execution, and project management.

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Some means to keep strategy on track are structural. But there is also a role here for technology. The new norm is called Strategy Execution Management (SEM).

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A digital platform can engage the whole organization in executing the strategy and tell you exactly what is going on at any given moment to help you stay on course.

What to expect from the White Paper:

Companies are running more and more projects, but they lack a basic understanding of how to link them with their overall strategy.

There seems to be a widespread failure to acknowledge that, as with any other business function, strategy requires an operational backend to monitor and follow up, just as financial and operational activities do.

The White Paper describes how to solve the strategic conflict: Run the Business versus Change the Business—the link between strategy planning, strategy execution, and project management.

Quick, sound decision-making and clear communication are achievable even during strategy execution. They only require some fundamental principles—principles we tend to forget in our day-to-day activities. It is not complicated, and by reading the White Paper you will be guided step by step.

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Antonio Nieto-Rodriguez

Antonio Nieto-Rodriguez, author of the Harvard Business Review Project Management Handbook, the featured HBR article The Project Economy Has Arrived, and four other books. Antonio is the creator of concepts such as the Project Economy and the Project Manifesto. His research and global impact in modern management have been recognized by Thinkers50. Fellow and Former Chairman of the Project Management Institute, he is the founder of Projects&Co and co-founder of the Strategy Implementation Institute, and he is a member of Marshall Goldsmith 100 coaches. You can follow Antonio through his LinkedIn Newsletter - Lead Projects Successfully and website


Bjarni Snæbjörn Jónsson

CSO and Co-founder of DecideAct, Management consultant and social entrepreneur. Bjarni focuses primarily on large-scale human system change and evolution. Bjarni has a Cand Oecon degree from the University of Iceland, and an MBA from University of Michigan Ross School of Business and finished a doctoral thesis in June 2013 at the Adizes Graduate School in California. Together with Flemming Videriksen, he has spent the past ten years mapping how to create the optimal infrastructure for successful implementation of strategies.


Flemming Videriksen

CEO and Co-founder of DecideAct and Expert in Strategy Execution Management, Strategy Design and Implementation and Cultural Change in organizations. For more than 25 years, Flemming has been a strategic and trusted advisor and executive coach for top leaders in businesses and organizations worldwide. Over that period, he has been working together with Bjarni Snæbjörn Jónsson with international organizations in strategic development and implementation. They have also written many excellent works on organizational leadership.

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